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Knäcke filmt

 In „Knäcke....filmt“ Markus Siebert is on the tracks of the old film pioneers of the 1920s and travels from town to town on a three-wheeled vehicle, permanently in search of new talents.

Knäcke endeavours to shoot a silent movie with his dependable hand-crank camera, firmly convinced that anybody can be a star. Quickly the pedestrian zone changes into a shooting location and the circle of observers turn into the village green – „Somewhere in Switzerland“.

Without any words spoken and with the eternal charm of silent movie days he casts a spell over the audience. Grandpa’s cinema is resurrected and the pictures come in motion.

But the path to his film making is full of obstacles. The shooting becomes an apparently incidental but creatively skilled floundering through mishaps, star cult behaviour, stunts, and special effects.

Soon nobody knows whether he or she is actually an observer or an extra in the film. Knäcke is camera man, technician and property man, all in one person. He dances through the scenes and has – in spite of impending chaos – everything under control.




Knäcke filmt


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Show 30 minutes, 2 times per day

8 x 8 m – (minimum) no Stage.

Light only by night